Rosary Experience helps Catholics pray a daily prayer called the 'Rosary' much much better. Rosary Experience is a Video Streaming Platform that helps Catholics beat Prayer Distraction by visually immersing them into the Holy Mysteries. Pray with over 2500 Mystery Videos that help you experience the Holy Rosary as if you were there in person with Jesus and Mary, feeling their sufferings, sorrows, joys, miracles and triumphs

Final Objective:
To design a 'Netflix of the Holy Rosary'. Many are not able to pray the organic or non-digital Rosary for a few reasons:

1. It has 73 prayers (in one Rosary and the user is supposed to pray it daily!). 

2. With today's digital 'monkey brain' that everyone has from devices distracting them constantly, it is easy to zone out during the repetitive Hail Marys. 

3. They do not have the Mysteries of the Rosary memorized nor are they good at meditative prayer which is a lot harder then vocal prayer. Rosary Experience was built to solve all of those issues. The app is built for Native Android and iOS. 

Project Includes:

Persona Analysis
Low Fidelity
Mid Fidelity
High Fidelity
Final Design 
Final App


Adobe XD 


To launch a new version of the app that gives users a much better interactive experience with a large streaming library that solves the 3 user problems as well. As well as adding gamificiation elements that enhance the user's desire to use the app daily.

Role and Responsibilities:

UI UX Mobile app designer leading the app and responsive website design from conception to delivery. Conducting interviews, secondary research, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, iterating on designs, determining information architecture, and responsive design.

Engagement Problem:

The app was highly rated but users would install the app and then either not login often or delete it within 6 months. The app needed Gammification and addictive features that would create that dopamine response of need to login and use it. 

Gammificiation Solutions:

I created several Gammification features that are sprinkled throughout the user flow of the app as users pray with the app to make the app more engaging, fun and creating that desire to return to the app daily and use it for 30-60 minutes per day. 

Gammification features: 

- Post Prayer Screen that tells the user their progress and gives them a little kick of excitement for finishing a prayer

- A Rosary Calendar which has reminders to pray as well as shows an icon each day for every Rosary prayed. 

- A set of user progress and achievement analytics that show how often they use the app, pray a prayer and most importantly their daily streak that no user wants to break. 

Gammification Feature #1: Post Prayer Screen. This is a screen that users get after they pray. It congratulates them for praying that day, tells them how many minutes they prayed that day and cumulatively and encourages them to pray another video or use a different feature of the app before they leave. This feature emulates a post-Netflix show, it auto-loads more shows:  

Gammification Feature #2: Rosary Calendar with User Prayer Analytics plus Streak and Prayers Prayed Icons on each day. 

Gammification Feature #3: Prayer Leaderboard. As users accumulate daily prayers, I created a Leaderboard that shows the ranking of the top users. This gets user's competitive juices flowing. I get frantic emails when a user's streak breaks and they want it fixed.  This shows that user engagement is high. And the numbers of consecutive daily prayers below shows that the user enagement of the app is high.   

Gammification Feature and Engagement Results: Daily Active users up 400%. Conversions / New sales up 367%. Minutes used per user went from 2 minutes to 20 minutes on average. Repeat / Return sales up 250%.

The app has a 4.9 rating in the app store with hundreds of positive written reviews.