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Highlighted Work: Project Case Studies

Weight Wager
Mobile App Design + Web Design, UI/UX

App Concept: Weight Wager is the First Live, National, Smart-Scale Weight Loss Game Show. Imagine, each morning, thousands of American weight loss competitors stepping onto their wireless smart-scales as they sync their weight loss data into a national, real-time Weight Loss Leaderboard. Competitors make a weekly bet on themselves that they will lose weight. Those that go up, pay that bet. Those that go down, win a share of that money.  A witty Health Professional hosts the live-streamed game show while announcing winnings and giving tips on nutrition, weight loss and exercise.

UI UX + Creative Brief: Weight Wager needed an iOS and Android app built, plus Marketing website for this concept. Together, with a team of developers, I designed a concept high fidelity wireframes for all of the 40 apps screens. Then I designed up all 40 screens based on weight loss user personas, using weight loss and exercise imagery to target those personas, as well as an overall dark theme to match current design trends. When the app was done, I designed a fully responsive, HTML 5 marketing webstie for the app itself. I worked hard to decrease the signup and onboarding screens and made sure that the user only accomplishes one obvious feature/utility per screen so user ease of use.
Weight Wager High Fidelity Wireframes: 1st Row Marketing Screens, 2nd Row Signup Screens, 3rd Row User onboarding screens, 4th Row User Game Screens, 5th Row Hamburger Menu

Actual Weight Wager Mobile App Screens:

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Weight Wager Marketing Website:
UI UX + Creative Brief: evolve wanted a website redesign that reflected where their brand was going in 2018. Their current website (that I did not design) woefully under-represented who they were from a content, messaging and evolve-DNA perspective and frankly looked amateurish design-wise. I started by having meetings with key managers and company stakeholders and interviewed them as far as what content was underrepresented and what content would help evolve get new customers and improve their bottom line.
Web Design, UI/UX.
evolve Low-Fidelity Wireframes:



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